30 Dec

I feel like a blob; a blob that’s lost sight of control, very clearly. Here’s why.

The past few days have turned my life topsy turvy. Out went my daily routine and in came a barrage of everything that symbolizes a holiday spent by a blob who has no self-control. When you work from home, it’s awesome. Just sometimes of course. There was binging on food, sleep and TV of course. And because my life revolves so much around food, I shall begin with that.

It’s quite the occupational hazard when your free-reign kitchen is just 2 steps away when you work from home. Every breakfast you’ve fathomed and drooled gorging over when at office comes to life and becomes a possibility. Well, not every breakfast, but still. Either way, the binge consciously began when I randomly figured we needed cake. So a breakfast banana cake it was. Only because ma likes cake with her tea in the morning and in general. I think I told you some parts of her are almost English. And because the aforementioned dream of a work-breakfast kept haunting me, a batch of scrambled eggs, mash, sausages, buttered toast and of course kettles full of adrak chai happened. It’s a different thing that the nuthead me didn’t click breakfast pictures, but well, there are some that will follow.

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s what happened next.


Chocolate Ganache Tart. Yeah, it happens when you go around eating at restaurants and want to wake up to more. This was another chocolate experiment that I put together in my head while thinking about hotel names (because my job sometimes requires me to think about hotels). I must say I was stoked. It was quite a beauty and quite a darling to devour. Also, when you play around with something like chocolate which results in something like that, you feel pretty darn close to being like Nigella Lawson. It’s weird but it’s true. I feel that a lot. And I’m not even kiddin’!


The joy! And because there was joy all around (and swooning noises) and company, the binging led to this.


More happiness. And the world has its ways. Sometimes there’s just good all around. And more good happened when a random phone call led to a sudden meeting over laughter, one hot boy and some warm comfort food.


Macaroni casseroles and sizzlers make for ideal dinners on December nights. White sauce, cheese, butter and all. It’s just a done thing. Seriously.

And somewhere along the way you catch up with your girlfriends and end up *waitforit* eating again. Here’s what our favourite order is and has been at HRC – Nachos. We order a big plate of veg ones so that everyone can dig in together and it’s perhaps the only dish all of us can eat together without the veg/non-veg dilemma. So it’s more a tradition than anything else. And it’s a God-awesome one. Try it sometime if you haven’t. Also recommend other vegetarian options we can include the next time we go.


Call it winter binge-eating or the lack of proper sunlight during winters or the general tendency to eat more during the “holidays” or stupid excuse making tactics, but it never just stops at one dish or one starter. Like I said, there is no limit, no control, no shame.


There will always be junk. Junk takes over. Junk rules. Junk makes you feel happy and warm. Junk makes the cells in your brain, body and being bloom, blossom and sing. Junk makes you forget about everything else. Junk helps you live a life you should lead at regular intervals. Junk also very rudely reminds you that you can’t keep carrying on the lewd relationship you wish to share with it. Sigh.

Having said that, there’s been a lot and more of junk that has taken over. Therefore there’s been an over-binge (if there is something like that) on sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been binging/tripping on this.


Can I just say that this is a completely insane show in such a mind blowing way? The suspense keeps me rooted in bed, hiding behind my quilt while trying to simultaneously catch what’s happening. It makes me grab something to eat every single time! It makes me stress-eat. This show primarily revolves around a Marine officer, Sgt. Nick Brody (Damian Lewis) who is suspected by a CIA agent, Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes) to be a turned terrorist while he was captured and trapped by radical Islamic groups for over 8 years. It’s the story of his homecoming, of his being a war hero and of becoming America’s next poster boy while being questioned and suspected by the awesomely feisty Matheson. It definitely is a show to watch. What freaks me out about it is that it really stands so close to what our reality is today, that there are so many out there fighting battles at every religious, political and personal front. Also, it keeps you wound up and hooked till you’ve sat at a stretch and watched episode after episode unfold.

There’s no wonder I’ve been sleeping at the time I usually wake up at and eating more than I usually do and sleeping more than I could possibly imagine. Binged out? Hell yeah! And I somehow have room for more.


4 Responses to “B-I-N-G-E”

  1. nr11blog.wordpress.com December 30, 2012 at 1:50 AM #

    Love the chocolate tart and I know exactly what you mean about Homeland, the season 2 finale was totally gripping!

    • Babushka December 30, 2012 at 11:42 AM #

      OMG, I just finished Season 1 yesterday. I better get down to the next one.

      Thanks for dropping by here :)

  2. The Girl Next Door December 31, 2012 at 9:34 AM #

    Ah, holiday season and binge-eating go hand-in-hand. :(

    For me, the reverse relationship with food holds true when I work from home. I tend to eat a lot of junk when I work from office. When I work from home and my kitchen is handy, I eat much, much, much healthier stuff. :)

    That chocolate ganache tart looks awesome! I am sure it must have tasted swell too!

    The nachos look super super yummmy. Where is HRC? I’ve got to eat these nachos soon! :)

    The sizzler and casserole are droolworthy. Please to share the recipes. Would love to try them out at home.

    • Babushka December 31, 2012 at 2:34 PM #

      Hey, HRC is at St. Marks Road. And the veg Nachos are our staple there. Quite delicious. Don’t forget to ask for some extra salsa and cream cheese dip.

      The sizzlers and casseroles were at this restaurant called Elements Eatery on Nandidurga Road, Jaymahal. They have a wide variety of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the place very much. The ambiance is best. Also, their Coconut Cooler drink :)


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