Eat Out – Millers 46

18 Dec

This is a place I visit quite frequently. It’s been around for a while now and has gone from being a place I would barely visit to a place I love hanging out at. It’s a classic American style steak house complete with a saloon on the 2nd floor. The place has been done up quite well and the ambiance is that of casual dining. You find everything cowboy-ish and cowgirl-ish here. There’s a well stocked bar and it’s a fun place to hang out at. It used to have the Happy Hours scheme which made it an adda (hangout) for us till they figured they didn’t want us hanging around anymore. :P

Anyway, here’s Millers 46 for you. I don’t have many pictures of the place as such because I’m a dud that way. I don’t usually have my camera around. And when I do, I’m more engrossed in the food and company. I personally find it very awkward and weird to go around someone’s restaurant clicking pictures of their decor, ceiling, walls, restrooms and what have you unless of course I’ve been asked to or am paid to. So yeah. I try and take pictures as and when I feel like or have enough alcohol in me to not care much about being a dud who walks all over the place clicking pictures. Cuz yes, I do care about things like that. I’m non-intrusive that way. After that deviation, let’s move back to introducing Millers 46 to you.

millers 46, bangalore, restaurant, steak house

Again, did I tell you how much I love this sort of yellow, soft lighting? Teehee. It makes me so happy. Here’s one of what the saloon looks like.

millers 46, bangalore, restaurant, steak house

See? I click empty tables rather than groups of people. Invasion of privacy. Being intrusive, not my thing. Also, this just shows how early we end up going there. We’re all in for the good stuff, peeps! :)

And of course, there’s only two things to look forward to over and above your company. Food and Alcohol. Here’s what everyone I know always orders at Millers because it’s just the done thing. An experience at Millers isn’t the same without these. Before that, you encounter one of God’s best creations on the table as you seat yourself – herb garlic butter with their bread basket. There isn’t a pot of butter I look forward to more than I do over here. Sometimes we shamelessly ask for more because every friend literally wants their own share of butter (and substantial amounts of it). You’ve got to try it to believe me. There’s just no other way, sorry. And for those of you who have sunk your teeth into anything laden with that butter know exactly what I’m talking about. That butter goes on almost everything we eat. And the picture is as bad as how awesome the butter is.

garlic butter, food, millers 46, bangalore, eat out


OK, here’s what we always order at Millers. Like I mentioned earlier on in this post, dining at Millers is never complete without the following.

millers 46, bangalore, restaurant, steak housechicken wings, food, millers 46, bangalore, restaurant

Their amazing saucy chicken wings. You can opt for a plate of 10 or 20 either mild, medium or spicy. They are one of the most beautiful plates of wings my friends and I have eaten. We usually order them as we enter and then have a look at the menu. That’s how it goes down with us. And because you have to have an accompanying beverage, we always opt for this.

LIT, long island iced tea, drink, beverage, alcohol, millers 46, restaurant, bangalore

LIT, long island iced tea, alcohol, drink, beverage, millers 46, restaurant, bangalore

A pitcher of their Long Island Iced Tea. That’s some gorgeous stuff right in that pitcher. Try it to believe it. Hot chicken wings + LIT = a hit! It cannot go wrong. Never. Not even on a cold winter’s night. For those of you who do not have alcohol, you could try out their regular iced teas or beverages. I’m not very knowledgeable about that section. My apologies.

And here’s what I usually order because I don’t really eat beef or pork or lamb or mutton as a main.

millers 46, bangalore, restaurant, steak housechicken, chicken steak, millers 46, bangalore

Grilled Chicken and Cheese Steak with Mushroom Sauce. It’s quite a handful. And I love it. A good mix of everything. Very scrumptious. Very delectable. Very hearty. Very American. Very me.

For the vegetarians, I highly recommend their pastas. The vegetable penne in cream sauce or spinach sauce is outstanding. Comfort food. And very filling.

Give this place a try! Here are the details.

Millers 46,

46, Millers Road (LOL!)

Vasanth Nagar

Bangalore – 52.

It would be best to give them a buzz if you’re heading there on a weekend and make a reservation.



5 Responses to “Eat Out – Millers 46”

  1. The Girl Next Door December 18, 2012 at 11:42 AM #

    I have been to Millers only a couple of times, and loved it each time we visited. I love that herb butter, too. :) Should try their pastas sometime. You make them sound so tempting!

    I would love to take pics inside restaurants too, but feel very awkward doing so. Could relate to that part of your post very well!

    • Babushka December 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM #

      Yeah give them a try and let me know! Maybe we should eventually go there sometime together too. :)

  2. ttanvi December 18, 2012 at 11:52 AM #

    That’s my favorite order! Chicken wings + LIT + Grilled chicken in mushroom sauce! Couldn’t get any better :) Totally tempted.


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