New Pages

26 Nov

Bangalore. I think my time in this city I’ve been calling home for a while now is fast nearing its expiry date. It just struck me today that there really is nothing that has me bound to it anymore. Being someone from a family who doesn’t really have any roots, none here whatsoever, I feel like the day to leave Bangalore isn’t very far off. No, it’s not like I have any solid plans to move out or compulsions either. I’m #justsaying. (I wish #tags would work here!)

Bangalore is a massive melting pot of memories. I came here even before I had the capacity to retain memories. I went back home for a bit in between only to return and settle back down here. I haven’t moved ever since; not to study, neither to work. I’m not dating anyone outside of here and neither am I to get married to anyone from outside. So even though there really is no plan or compulsion to move, I get the feeling that I’ve done my time in a city I love so very dearly. Therefore, tomorrow, if there were a chance for me to go elsewhere, I just would shut shop and move.

I guess I’m at that phase of my life where I need a new page. I wish I could have that new page to colour and live right here in Bangalore, but that seems redundant almost. The place is pregnant with memories bursting at its seams. There is no spot that doesn’t remind me of friends, families, experiences, fights, hugs, walks, eating orgies…you get it. It sort of is the hand you’re dealt with in the city you choose to grow up in. So I do have the Bangalore chapter of my life; and it’s filled with everything I can possibly think of.

But it’s time for change.


2 Responses to “New Pages”

  1. The Girl Next Door November 26, 2012 at 3:55 PM #


    I get what you mean. Totally. But still, this post makes me kinda sad, I don’t even know why.


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