Tuesday Musings

6 Nov

We’re in the middle of the day which is almost the middle of the week. It kinda makes me feel happy because a day which is just after Monday but is almost the middle of the week sort of lifts the spirits of those eagerly waiting for the weekend, assuming of course that you work a 5 day week.

Anyhoo, I caught myself sipping on chai (tea) and staying a while longer than I usually do at the office pantry to sort of catch up on what’s going on outside the glass + concrete spaceship. Nothing was out of the ordinary. The lake looked normal; windy and calm like it always is. Cars streamed in insipidly and in a steady stream, noiselessly. It’s amazing to watch the world go by silently and noiselessly sometimes. The trees all around looked fresh and green and happy and in place despite yesterday’s weird downpour. The crows flew by rather aimlessly while the pigeons ambled around the smoking area; some bobbing around on the pillars near my window. Stupid pigeons. OK, not stupid pigeons. The chai break was fast turning into a potential blog post in the process. And what made it a definite feature on my blog were the employees of the company opposite mine who were mowing the lawn outside. Mowing lawns = the following…

I absolutely love, love, love mowing lawns. There is something very cathartic about mowing lawn after lawn. But before I knew or could place really how cathartic lawn mowing was, I figured it was something I thoroughly enjoyed doing as a kid. It was almost something of much pride and esteem to be allowed to handle a big lawn mower, blades and all, back then.  As I watched these guys, I went back to days, usually Sunday noons, when I would scuttle out of the house and make a dash to the lawn mower, even if the lawn didn’t need mowing. And when the lawn really did need trimming, man was it a treat – one had to think of where to start, how to go about it, where to finish, how fast to walk the mower, in what pattern – zigzags or spirals or neat rectangular mazes – yes there was a lot that had to be thought about.

There’s something about chores that doesn’t always make them feel like chores. I’m sure we all have our favourite. I guess they allow you to engage and disengage at the same time. You’re here but far away as well. You’re focused yet lost in a myriad blur of a million other thoughts. It’s strangely amazing. Perhaps that’s why they’re cathartic; almost in a stream of consciousness way. One thing leads you to another and before you know it, you’ve got the clothes folded or the dishes sparkling or the lawn mowed perfectly and uniformly.

All of a sudden I wanted to be out there. The November sky looked pretty darn perfect and I could see how crisp and wonderful the weather outside felt. It makes me happy to know that my favourite season of the year is just around the corner – winter. The chai was long over, the lawn below almost mowed, and my reminisces almost complete; just like that, all in one, all at once. And there you have it, catharsis happened in its own small way.

Sometimes all you need is some chai and silence.


2 Responses to “Tuesday Musings”

  1. The Girl Next Door November 7, 2012 at 2:50 PM #

    Such a beautiful beautiful post. Loved your views on catharsis in a simple, everyday chore. I could totally relate to that. I feel that way when I am cleaning up my house, cooking or watering my plants. I am mostly a different person – a much better one – when I am done doing these things when I need to do them.


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