Weekends Part II

7 Oct

Having begun the sojourn of the many weekend updates I’ve missed over here, I went on to do something I’ve never ever done before; i.e. participate in a crafts bazaar. Dastakar had its Nature Bazaar at the beginning of last month and I mentioned over here, how the aunt was participating in it. It was her first time in the Bangalore market.

So before I knew it, I was out there helping her team and her with their stall Srijani. I mean I was more the flunky who stood by and handed stuff over, wrote bills, decorated the place when stocks sold out, took photographs of everything and so on. I did a lot of that. Click photographs, i.e. You can check a select few here at A Day at a Crafts Bazaar.

However, being part of a crafts mela from the point of a seller was quite eye-opening. It’s a pretty darn hard job to market your stuff, take everything out for people to see, be patient while they ponder over what to buy and whether to buy, conceal your frustration when they tell you the much heard “I’ll have a look around and be back.”, watch how the numbers rise and fall in your balance sheet apart from so much more. It also shows you what it takes to get out there in the world and do what you really want to do. It shows you what it takes to be brave, come with your minds and heart wide open to new experiences and learn. It shows you what it feels like to earn those profits and it certainly shows you how it feels when the figures don’t match; when you don’t get your ROI. It’s interesting how customers have you by their fingers, how your customers are nothing short of royalty and how buying trends vary from person to person. However, at the end of the day, everyone is just the same. You want good stuff that is great value for money. And social class or status don’t deter one from bargaining – loudly or crudely – irrespective of how many no bargain signs there may be. I also learnt this, which I mentioned in another post and how awesome I feel to be that middle-class girl.

So that was a very interesting weekend that taught me stuff I was so blissfully unaware of. Having said that, I can only wish for more such weekends that let me soak into time spent with family + art and craft + pushing and gunning for those women somewhere in Bihar who depend on us to get their stories told. It matters. Big time. Here are some snapshots of the stall and the pretty, pretty aunt. :)


















Here are some of the prettiest bookmarks I have ever seen courtesy Srijani.

Our stall :) :)

And my gorgeous shopping-crazy, uber-talented aunt <3


One Response to “Weekends Part II”

  1. The Girl Next Door October 8, 2012 at 4:57 PM #

    Wow, that sounds like quite an experience!
    Your aunt looks so pretty! :) And I love those bookmarks!
    BTW we also have an aunt visiting us at the moment. It’s fun, it’s tiring, it’s crazy! :)


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