The Boat Ride

24 Aug

I feel a sense of freedom; a sense of independence. I don’t know if it’s got to specifically do with the fact that I am here and that I don’t need Facebook anymore or if it’s something more deep-rooted and substantial.

I’m a Facebook addict. I’m not a Facebook hypochondriac though. I love Facebook, but we have our boundaries. Having said that, it still isn’t easy to cut that cord and walk away. And today, for the first time, I don’t feel a sense of yearning. I feel a sense of disconnect, which is awesome because I know I can go back if and when I wish to, without craving to. It’s the same feeling you experience when you get over someone or something; especially after gaining closure. It’s such a breath of fresh air. It’s superbly marvelous.

I’ve spoken of cutting-off not so long back. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes dialogue followed by cutting off helps. Sometimes it’s not worth the trouble at all. Well, whatever it is that rocks your boat, so be it. As long as you figure a way to stay happy and free from the burdens of those strings attached. It could be your obsession with Facebook (as is my case) or a relationship or whatever.

I think I’ve learned that there are no hard and fast rules for anything human. We’re just not meant for rules. And we’re too fast-paced to wait for custom-made rules. We tailor-make them as and when and with whom we please. I’m talking about subjective, personal and not universal rules, here of course. So yeah, do what rocks your boat. Because you’re the one navigating it. You’ve all the freedom to decide as you please and take it wherever you choose to.

And the exhilaration you feel of going to a place because of what you did, well, nothing and no one can ever take that away from you. It’s ours and only ours to cherish. We could share that feeling, but never ever give it away. I realize I have digressed, but well, that’s where the boat had to go this time. And I feel free. So damn free.

Gimme that torch to hold up, someone!

Have yourselves an exhilarating weekend :)



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