To be or not to be…

13 Aug
 on FB?

I share a love-I don’t ever want to see you again kinda relationship with FB. It’s not FB that I despise. It’s the entire load of rubbish that comes along with it – the pretenses, the “friends”, the convenience, the snooping around, the ease with which people know what’s going on in your life without even having to try, apart from so many other shenanigans that make me have this mental debate all the time. To be or not to be? 

I love that FB gives me so many options to do what I want to and showcase what I want to. I don’t like that everyone is privy to it. I love that old friends can find and reconnect with each other (heck, my mum found her long lost school friends!). I don’t like that every tom, dick and harry you meet becomes your “friend”. I love how filled with images my pages are because that’s just who I am. I despise how the loopholes in its privacy policies literally make my bones shiver. I love how it gives me such an amazing platform for more than reconnecting with friends. I despise that I can’t take that along with me whenever I hit the quit button. 

You’d go on and ask me a) why I put up pictures, b) why I can’t block people, and c) why I can’t manage my life on FB in a better fashion. I’ve asked myself the same things too. I think I’m entitled to put whatever I think is decent and social enough to go up there – well, what the heck did you think FB’s popularity is built on? Besides, i’m not the FB hypochondriac who updates the world about every single thing I do. Like I said, the boundary lines are drawn. It’s just that when it comes to friends, there are so many and at so many levels that it just doesn’t make any sense to me. It feels more like a task than a pleasure. I’m not that orderly about my life. I have lists. But I have lists. Not a million lists. I could have a million snaps though. Or updates about my blog. Or food. Or all the 3, every day.

I’ve gone off it so many times. And come right back because I need some part of FB. Not that I miss the friends. I miss what I can do with it. I will forever have this question, this bug that will eat away at my need for this mass of social media and my need to get right off it. I know that I will oscillate in this weird state of undecidedness, where I will be activating and de-activating that account, and venting about it here, till I can come up with a better solution for this.

The challenges one has to face in life. Jeez.

2 Responses to “To be or not to be…”

  1. August 14, 2012 at 4:03 AM #

    Oh ditto ditto.. After many on-again-off-again trysts, I finally got off a year ago and never went back. I agree with all your peeves, but for me the biggest hit was the realisation that in the garb of "making and reconnecting with friends" fb actually only makes every friendship superficial.Now, I actually stay in touch with people, the old way. I call and speak, I email, I visit. FB is such a cop out for real relationships. In my mind, you'd take the trouble to be in touch with a handful of people, and those are really the only people who matter. Everyone else is a face on your facebook account.

  2. Babska August 14, 2012 at 4:42 AM #

    Yeah I know what you're saying… I think what's making it most difficult to leave is the fact that my cooking and blog are linked to it so directly. Cutting that cord will be so damn hard. :|


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