Girl Matters

12 Aug
I have always been a lover of eye make-up. Eye make-up constituted my entire world. No other make-up existed except eye make-up. It was a world that began unfolding since I was 12 when I was allowed to buy my first ever Lakme eyeliner (the not so fancy black one in a small glass bottle). I loved it very much. It was the window of a world so so cool I never knew could exist. And coming from a family where make-up and objects of beautification are shunned till a particular age, that one bottle of eyeliner was used only on “special” occasions such as dinners. It’s no wonder that bottle lasted me a kazillion years, or till it dried out, whichever came first. 

But that was it. My idea of make-up = my bottle of black eyeliner. It started and ended there. And then one fine day, I walked into the world of kajal. It was a slow acceptance of something I found almost unnecessary. I had a black eyeliner, I thought. Who needs a black kajal now when I can make do with this? But then I had to try this out, and try out that out, I did. My first ever kajal was the charcoal black Streetwear kajal. It was bought ONLY cuz it looked nice and smelt of kapur (camphor). *sigh*

So there it was, my world of make-up (mind you, ALL make-up) expanded to = my bottle of black eyeliner and my super cool (and wonderfully fragrant) black kajal.

I won’t blame you for wondering which female species I belong to for the worldview of make-up I held and still do hold on to. It’s just how I am. Touche.

Shift to 2012. 

I now have taken a weird and (very) fast-developing interest in the wonderful world of eye make-up. Again. Apparently, and so I figured, the world of make-up doesn’t stop at a mere kajal and eyeliner (which is still pretty much what I use even today). I have now fallen into this rabbit hole of the wonders of eye shadows, mascaras and well…yeah just eye shadows and mascaras. I don’t think I will step in to the world of false lashes just yet.

I feel blessed and oh so poor as I write about my tryst with my new found loves. I’ve always been an eye person and someone who really loves just the simplicity of highlighting one’s eyes. Today, I’ve become an eye make-up glutton! Or I feel like one at least. Today, I have in my possession, 5 boxes of eye shadows and 1 mascara and I know I want more. Needless to say that beauty does come at such a damn cost! I’m broke buying such small boxes of very expensive (but such pretty) eye make-up. And when one busts cash on something like this and doesn’t experience any sort of heart-burn, one realizes they’re heading to be the hot eyed girl they always knew they were.

Being a girl is SUCH high maintenance. And SUCH a pleasure!

Now do excuse me while I go and tumble down that rabbit hole some more.

Oh, and happy girly-ness to you too! 

And, ummm, I’ll catch ya later, boys!


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