Today Morning

21 Jul
I don’t really write or catalog every single day any more. But today is an exception. I just had to bore you with the details of today morning. And that’s only because I hope you’ve had one as beautiful as mine.

Bangalore has this amazing knack (through all the effects of global warming and all) to bring a chill after the rains. It’s not like Bangalore has seen its share of rainfall (or any other part of this country for that matter), but whatever little we got seems to have done its part. It’s cool and cold. It’s supremely windy and gusty. It’s pretty. It’s green (at least outside my balcony). And my feet have started aching which is a grandma syndrome I have  (or so I like to call it) that is indicative of the cold outside. It’s all pretty and nice. And pretty.

My day started with bugging the pigs and un-fluffing their fluffed up selves. It moved on to some much needed exercise which I have been running away from like I run away from karela (bitter gourd). The morning involved a weird fling between sweating it out and shivering (and getting a foot ache). The jokes these things play on us! 

I got back home to an empty house with the mother traveling and the brother at football. It led me to doing this and having the brain cells in my world blossoming and thanking me for ever and more.

Poring over breakfast options makes me feel happy. Poring over food options makes me delirious. But then I decided I wanted to do a more Indian thing than anything American. I wanted something that would fit in with this weather. Something warm, comforting, spicy and of course, something that would complete my day.

I ended up making my favouritest of my favouritest of my favouritest breakfasts ever. Masala omelette and toast. My go to breakfast. My breakfast. I can eat this when I’m awake, asleep, drunk, sober and pretty much everything else in between. This is probably the ONLY thing I will ever eat from anywhere (again, that’s relative – you know why). I’ve made friends with this baby on the train, on highways, on drives, on beaches(!!) and everywhere else. We share a romance of sorts. We have each other’s backs!

And then I became greedy and inspired and gluttonous. I think we’ll branch all these under the umbrella term – Inspired. I figured I needed some shine in my Saturday morning ( AS IF the weather, the workout, the tea, the yellow teapot and the omelette weren’t enough!). I decided to go and test my “inspiration” and this is what it resulted in.

Baked Banana and Cinnamon Toast. Clearly I’d not had enough of bread. And I needed some TLC on this cold, feet-aching day. So I experimented with this. And I must say that even though banana and cinnamon don’t really go under the food matrimonial column, they made a pretty darn good pair. The toast was just the way I like it – crisp and light like air. There was a burst of cinnamon and warm banana coupled with a bit of gooey and a bit of crunchy sugar on top. All in all, my mind was treated with much luxury and care. The heart, well, we’ll leave the heart out of this :)

And I made

Baked Banana and Nutella Toast. The banana and nutella combo never existed till Gokarna. You’ll have to go visit the place to figure what I’m talking about. And is it heavenly or is it heavenly! You don’ question this combination. Ever. Anyhoo. So this was a burst of everything good. It’s something you give yourself because you love you irrespective of the weight gain you may will incur. It’s a treat. It has chocolate. And all I can tell you is that my mouth actually felt numb after this meal. It’s like that was a defense mechanism just so you wouldn’t commit the heinous crime of eating anything else after this one. It’s like everything was complete. 

It was a morning well deserved. I’d forgotten about my hair. And my schizo work which visited me in my dreams last night. Also, the omelette and bananas thanked me for doing them justice. I know. I felt it.

Have yourselves a splendid Saturday! :)


2 Responses to “Today Morning”

  1. Prinzie Raj July 21, 2012 at 6:15 AM #

    GOD…….. Babs, u just made me so goddamn hungry and greedy. i guess i m gonna go jump into tat nutella jar.

  2. Babska July 21, 2012 at 7:46 AM #

    Hehehe, thank God I'm not the only one. Yay! :)


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