20 Jul

It’s past 11pm.It’s a Friday. TGIF. Really. The week has been kind, work has been schizo and life seems to be the usual. I just got back from the station and all I could think of was jumping onto Sampark Kranti Express and hitting the streets of Dilli after eons or taking the train to Hubli and figuring out what next after I get there. I have a thing for trains. And travel. I think you’re well aware of this. I will write about this more and for ever more X 100. 
For the moment, I have more pressing issues on my mind – the mop on my head. Hair’s a big thing for us women. Really. It not being there is also a big thing. It’s something we fuss about and cry over and all that jazz. We women know enough of what hair means to us. And I think it’s safe to say that some, if not most of you guys out there, care about that mane too. So yeah. Hair.
Mine sucks. Bangaloreis exponentially incapable of giving you a good mane. Or me at least. Bangaloreis home. I love Bangalore. But Bangaloregives me mane woes. Huge ones. I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s the city. I love how awesome, gorgeous, beautiful, blossoming (ummmm), rich, healthy and amazing my hair looks in Kerala or Kolkata or Dilli or Mumbai. I just got back from Goa and my otherwise mess of whatever you want to call it, was the best thing ever – in all its messiness.
I felt divine. Really. My head felt nice, my hair kinda blossomed and shone and all that. And the best thing is it needed no extra care. None at all. Just some regular sun and rain and sea spray, if I may. Sigh.
It makes me think that I should make Goahome. Yes, you got that right, I could just rearrange my entire life to focus on my hair. It means that much sometimes. Or at this moment at least. And a million other moments too. I could center my life on the way my hair feels and I know it’s got a direct connection with the way I will feel. I know. We all know they’re connected somehow. I will feel good if I move to Goa just to give my hair the lifelong spa it needs. I will pick up and move. But
Bangalore = home.
Goa = good hair.
What are the odds? The choices one has to make, the sacrifices. It scares me to wonder what challenges and choices lie ahead. I want both. I want both very greedily. But alas, when did one ever have both? One has to make difficult, life-changing choices sometimes. 
However, having said that, nothing changes that fact that a good mane can make you feel like a kazillion bucks! Touche. That’s life. And that’s being a girl. And writing about random (but important) stuff totally seals the deal. And if you didn’t get the gist of how important this is, then I feel bad for you. Just kiddin’. (Not) 

You can ignore me now. TYVM. Have a super, dapper weekend! :)


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