My Love Story

13 Feb
It just struck me that it’s V-Day tomorrow. I’ve never celebrated V-Day simply because it’s the brother’s birthday. So despite the OD of red (hearts, balloons, heart-shaped balloons, strings, confetti, etc, etc), mush and lovey-dovey gore in between, it’s been all encompassing of a birthday, and nothing more.

And for the 1st time in my 23 years of knowing V-Day, I have a love story to share with you today. 

I don’t know when it started. Or from where. Or why. All I know is that it happened and I’ve been smitten ever since. It’s one that goes beyond words. It’s a relationship that has required a lot hard work, patience, determination and some amount of courage. And today, for the 1st time in my life, I realize that I actually have a love story that came true. 

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not a mush person. Or not publicly at least. So this isn’t an awwww, he’s so cute, I love him to death story. 

This love story’s about my love for photography. For everything pictures. For everything momentous. And descriptive. I’ve always been an observer over a speaker. I’d rather sit back and watch than talk. And I just got owned. BIG TIME. 

I’ve waited for ever to get my hands on my own baby. And I finally have. It’s a feeling I can’t really describe. It may not be a big deal to many people and perhaps this post may seem like nothing, but I realize that this isn’t just a piece of equipment to me. It’s a new journey I’ve just embarked on and one I look forward to immensely. It’s about finally making a dream come true – a dream that I’ve watched from a distance all this while. So it is a big deal. It’s EPIC. It’s my moment. It’s extraordinary. And it’s just sinking in.

I’ve found someone to help make this love story with the world of observation and imagery more vivid and awe-inspiring. My love story’s arrived. And is here to stay. Let the hearts burst because there certainly is a lot of shooting to do. 

PS> This is update 2 =)

Have a joyous day tomorrow!


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