23 Jan
It’s been a while since I wrote wrote. As is (very) evident, my blog has been massive-attacked by poetry. Well, sometimes phases happen and all the mind seems to produce are strings of words that I’ve posted and published here. I thought I owe you an explanation of sorts before a snowball-like situation happens. Here are some updates I would like to share with you, just to keep you, well, updated.

The past few weeks have been amazing – they’ve kept me on my toes, made me feel a sense of restlessness I’ve never felt and have made me want to get up and do something brand new.  And I’m working on it. You’ll learn about that soon enough. 

There’s been a sense of inspiration through and through, infectious enough to keep me going, strong enough to help me tide over weeks of stress and emerge energized and smiling. It’s all good and in due time, you’ll know.

The past few weeks have also given my prose a bashing it has perhaps never received. Ever! Couple that with this so called inspiration and I’ve seen myself throw books, music and even work aside as these aforementioned strings of words conjured themselves up from nowhere to become the posts they did. It’s like my thoughts refused to take any other shape than that of random poetry. You’ve gotta give way sometimes, and give way I did. So yes, even though they do paint a rather sad, gloomy and whatever-it-is-you-wanna-call-it picture, they aren’t entirely autobiographical, just to soothe those queries and questions that have arisen post reading them. =)

I’ve had my share of “social networking” for the time being. I’ve quit Facebook many a time only to return because my blog posts are linked to it. However, I would like to make it known that this is about to change – that I would like to quit fb for longer than a week minus any obligations which also means that there will be no blog updates on fb hereon. So dear readers, I’m logging off and here’s really where you can catch me, interact with me and converse with me. Leave me an email / message / comment and I will get back to you.

The previous point leads me the larger picture that I’ve started this new year with – the need for me to snip snip snip. I’m doing away with all the irrelevant, the unnecessary and the unwanted. I’ve some serious weight to shed with some serious baggage I wanna throw into the sea and this is the only way I deem fit for me to get to where I want to. The cleaning drive has already started, and it feels super =) give it a try sometime, it’s food your soul craves but is too shy to ask for. There’s no place for rusty junk anymore, it’s serious detox time. I feel good just reading this!

Lastly, there are a few things I have up my sleeve which involve you, me and my blog here. They’re still ‘under construction’, being mapped and charted out…but I can tell you that it’s going to be super fun and that I cannot wait to share more with you as and when. So do watch out. And contribute. It matters more than you think it does. =)

Till then, I’m signing off with the hope that 

a) the poetry gives some way to prose at least
b) the inspiration continues and rubs off on you as well
c) I’ll log off Facebook for longer than a week
d) I’ll see you here more instead
e) I’ll detox like I’ve never detoxed and that you’ll give it a try as well
f) these new developments happen asap and that the they’ll be God-awesome =)

Have yourselves a super week! =)


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