16 Jan
I don’t think I love you,
as much as I love the thought of you.

The way your lips move;
your mouth turning into a coy smile
when you look at me.
And I pretending to look through that,
smiling deeply within.
My kinda’ coy
because you looked at me.
You looked at me.

I love your grasp,
as the warmth of your hands take over
from somewhere within.
You hold on, because you know.
And I smile
because I have you
if only by your grasp.

Your eyes allow me to 
dive deep down inside
and surge right up;
And I dive in for more.
And more.
Because we swim together,
somewhere only we know.

I love only the thought of you
because that’s all we know.
And if you’ll have me,
just walk up and open that door.

Open that door.


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