8 Jan
It’s the one thing that is so easy to do. Shut shop. Say okthanksbye. Leave. Cut off. Vanish. Disappear. Ignore. Delete. Forget. Run over. Deny. Pretend. Unfriend. Block. The list is endless, why? Because it’s easier done than said. Or felt. It’s a massive part of our life – knowingly and unknowingly. It’s our ever-handy troubleshoot option. It’s our saviour. It’s our breath of fresh air, most often. It’s what makes us feel sane more often than not. 

It’s something I fall back on as well. I just did in fact – I cut people off, block people whose faces I don’t ever want to see again, delete lists, unfriend a whole bunch who don’t really make a difference to me – you know the routine. And I’ve never felt happier holding a pair of scissors like this one, for the moment at least. 

However, there’s a constant state of temporariness to this entire escape concept. I’ve studied it in theory and seen it in reality – all that escape does is provide temporary relief. Why? Because all we’ve done is remove the unnecessary from our life – in an instant. What we haven’t done is deal with the shit and remove ourselves from the unnecessary. We’re still holding on in some way. We’re still stuck and clinging on in thought and feelings, whether we like it or not, whether it’s conscious or not. We’re still where we were trying to run away from. 

Which is almost always why we’re haunted by the things we snip away from us. The more we try and run away, the more we’re stuck; and it’s a quicksand situation that’s annoying to get out of. 

So yes, while I’ve blocked, unfriended and snipped the unnecessary away from me, I realize there’s more to it than just the physical act. And that’s the something huge I’m working towards – to not escape but to stand wherever I want to, look the shit in its eye and not give a rat’s ass about it. 


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