A Revisit

25 Nov
Through the tonnes of work the team and I are piled under, I found something which motivated me to push through it all, come here and write. As is well known, I’m amazingly pathetic with names of people, songs, movies, characters, etc; and I’m not even ashamed to confess the same. It’s one of my misgivings that the world and I have to live with.

So, amidst the workload, I came across the following song on a friend’s playlist which I didn’t even bother perusing through before I clicked the play button:

And the connection to the song was instantaneous. I went back to it, and its on the 3rd loop currently. I haven’t even gone back and checked the lyrics, but chose to come here instead and say how much this song reminds me of


It takes me back to Cul-Ah!, which is Mount Carmel College’s annual fest. The song takes me back to my college days, with me perched somewhere under the massive trees around the basketball court, huddled in my woolens as band members clad in their cliched black tees and baggy jeans walked to the stage to perform. We had one entire morning dedicated to Western Electric and another whole morning dedicated to Western Acoustic, and man was the former a wild ride! And while there was this whole Korn phase going on, with people droning on over their songs I don’t remember, this is one that stuck around.

This is probably the only time of the year that I’d get my so called, ‘Metal Dose’. I know squat about Metal, but I loved that one day. The jarriness and bass of the towering speakers all around, conversations, the guitar solos,the screams especially when tracks were nearing their end, applauds, bands being begged for encores, colleges rooting for their clans; the whole 9 yards. Epic. 

And I’ve been taken back to those 3 days, as I recollect my 5 years spent there, this Friday morning. The weather matches, the mood matches, the state of mind definitely does and the memories fit in as well.

PS> Nevermindthevideo.


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