Happy Happy

18 Nov
Saying “I love YouTube” wouldn’t amount to what I’m feeling this morning thanks to its video suggestion to me today:


I cannot wait for this movie. I’ve watched it a kazillion times and have dreamt and cried over it even more. I remember watching this for the first time in some movie theater in Kolkata, on a summer’s matinee show. And man did it blow me away. Everything right from the graphics, cinematography, scripting and dialogues, actors, music, etc, etc took my fancy almost instantly. And the fact that it’s releasing in 3D just makes me feel that excitement all over again. 

It’s a movie we all went gaga over instantly. And at the age we were at when it got released didn’t really make a difference. The girls swooned over Billy Zane’s charisma and Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of Jack Dawson who felt so liberating and awesome while the guys drooled over a very sensuous Kate Winslet. I remember the massive craze it was to find the uncensored version and then proudly boasting about the “feat”. Oh and I loved the Captain too! Such a man! And the OST is probably what stuck around the longest, what with our having to sing “My Heart Will Go On” at every family gathering. I think that “tradition” still exists with yours truly being the center or a rather uncomfortable spotlight. Titanic was all over the place – in our minds, conversations, while crushing our teenage years away on the opposite sex and so on – and that’s something I’ll always look back at very fondly.

However, I must say I’m not a 3D buff, especially for movies that aren’t animated, but whether this version will click or not isn’t something I care too much about. I think James Cameron’s gone ahead thinking the same as well. Titanic is Titanic is Titanic. People are going to watch it and love it either which way. And this is one movie I’m willing to blow many notes on!

The trailer just gave me goosebumps all the 5 times I watched it. That pretty much sums up the enormity of this phenomenon I’d like to call Titanic.

Let me leave you with a few of my favourites while I recline back and make the most of my day which YouTube played such a fantastic role in. Have a fabulous Friday!


and this which made me bawl like a baby

and then this (pardon the video quality)



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