Bad Boys

31 Oct
There’s something about the quintessential bad boy that catches my fancy. I think it’s about the complete disrespect for anything that is the set norm, the elan and suavity with which they live their world, their glamour, their mysteriousness, their ways of the world, the confidence they have in themselves and in breaking rules, etc, etc, that sets them apart from what one would call a ‘regular man’, which makes them so attractive. And a regular dose of them helps the rebel in me feel expressed, which is perhaps why the bad boy image is one that I find quite appealing as and when I fancy. :P

And the one who tops my desi on-screen bad boy list is none other than Don. I loved SRK in the movie, I loved the movie, I loved Farhan Akhtar’s take on it and the whole nine yards. I think that’s one movie I’ve watched the most at Inox. I’ve been wanting to write about my fetish for bad boys for a while now. I think it was thanks to Don on TV last night and him being all over my YouTube page as I opened it this morning, that actually got me down to writing this post. Yes, on a Monday morning. I think I have a penchant for making things much more interesting, especially on a Monday morning :P

So here’s how it all started.

(Pardon the video quality, this was one that allowed sharing.)

And I cannot wait for this one.

Have yourself a stellar Monday!

One Response to “Bad Boys”

  1. all or nothing October 31, 2011 at 8:23 PM #

    Oh I totally get that. Shahrukh looks hawwwwwwt :D :D


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