Kitchen Adventure # 56749216!

24 Oct
My cook-off stints are instinctual. I don’t have measuring bowls. I don’t use recipe books. I go by the feel of what I see and smell in front of me. And that is exactly what you see as well.

Therefore I give you no clear-cut recipe. I give you images. And slight guidelines. And leave the rest to your judgement :)



I began by melting chocolate using the double-boil method. And this is how it will start looking in not too much time. I could be more fancy and finicky by cutting the chocolate into smaller chunks, but it melts either way so I always prefer being ‘Nigella-like’ and throwing the entire chunk in anyway. Saves me time to do other stuff.

And once it melts, just get your whisk in and give it a nice, brisk stir. It’ll turn into this lusciously shiny paste.

In the meantime, grab approximately half a cup of cream and whisk it till soft peaks appear. I believe the quality of the cream plays an essential role here. I hunted 3 days straight for Amul cream but had to settle with Milky Mist. I whipped it and it turned to butter. So yes, a surprise learning and turnout there which I’ll put to use another time. I’d thankfully bought an adequate amount and quickly whipped up another batch.

Add a cup of non-whipped cream and a bit of castor sugar (as per your preference) to the chocolate. I took the chocolate off the heat to add cream to prevent the latter from splitting. However, that saw the chocolate solidifying almost immediately. So I put it back on and amalgamated the 3 together till it turned into a loverly, thick, dark, shiny river of chocolate. Once you’re done mixing the cream and sugar with the chocolate, fold the mix into the cream you whipped a while back. 

Pour the river into whatever you wish to serve it in and stash the goodness away into the recesses of your fridge (and not freezer) for an hour or so.

Take out, smell, photograph, share and dig right in.

And if you want to be more fun, dunk your finger right into that cold gooey heaven and let it take over your senses :) You could garnish it with more whipped cream but I prefer it this way at the moment.

And that’s how I chose to make my otherwise drab Monday so much more fun! :D


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