Sap trip

15 Oct
It was this post I’d written not so long back that had a lingering effect on me thanks to the fact that I’m simply, what one would call, a sucker for sap; especially the SRK kinds…and like I said earlier, I’m not closeted enough to either deny or feel embarrassed by it. 

What actually got me down to writing this post was perhaps the memory of the epic era everyone present in the 90s (and later) would have witnessed – the DDLJ era. I don’t think words can aptly describe what an effect this movie has had on so so many. The songs, the dialogues, the evergreen actor duo and of course the massive story – all put together – made this movie more than just legendary. 

I, for one, could go on about what this movie meant to me. 
This is the first and last movie I remember watching at a movie theater with my then entire family – that’s 19 of us – together. 
I teared up for almost every scene even though I was barely at the age to empathize and actually get what those emotional scenes meant and felt like. 
It’s that movie which made me want to see SRK and Kajol together for the rest of my life, whether or not they were married to their respective others. 
That was when the idea of SRK and Kajol stuck around which later led me to despise Rani Mukherjee as KKHH released. I still find them to be one of Bollywood’s golden pair on-screen, with my dislike for Rani Mukherjee still remaining quite so intact. Therefore her death in KKHH and SRK picking Kajol in K3G (which was so inevitable) made the world’s difference to me. It’s silly I realize, but when did reasoning ever stand a chance in front of emotions?
It’s a movie that had me (and the rest of the world who watched it, I bet) at the edge of my seat, biting my nails vigorously, hoping against hope that Amrish Puri would let Kajol go. And let go he did. And cry, I definitely did.
It’s a movie that completed almost every sunday afternoon thanks to the matinee spot it dominated for so many years. It still does sometimes and you don’t really need to guess who it makes so happy.
It’s that movie whose dialogues are quoted very widely even today, the most famous one being the unforgettable “bade bade deshon mein aise choti choti batein hoti rehti hain.”
It’s one I can watch any number of times and one I’d call a classic because it still has the ability to evoke the same emotions it did when I watched it the for the first time – the tears, the fright, the tension, the angst, the love, the goosebumps, the dreaminess, the whole 9 yards that comes with emoting while watching it.
And because I’m a sucker for sap, it made me dream about love stories. While the context and circumstances of such dreams have changed, the underlying hope and wish for a love story as, if not more, exciting and adventurous still remains. 
All in all, it’s one movie I’m super proud to know which belongs to Bollywood and one that Bollywood conversely, is proud to have as part of its repertoire. 

I love how contextual it was; how it portrayed relationships; how it wasn’t a cake walk for anyone; how it spoke to the young and hopeful; how it portrayed society; how it blended so well into something a family would understand, empathize with and accommodate; and how it communicated itself so immaculately to everyone who watched it. 

And as for me, it still speaks volumes of what love stories can be made up of. I love how fiction talks and allows me to draw parallels with reality. I’m still made up of the 60:40 pessimist:realist combination, however, both parts of me have their space to arrive at their own consensuses making it peaceful. As long as I have the you happy, me happy, everybody happy feeling going on, it’s all cool. And that’s something DDLJ allows me to wallow in because like I said, it has everything and accommodates every one who watches it. 

And if you disagree, then you’ve got the chance to walk on and let dreamers live and make their dreams come true. :)

I cannot sign off without letting you revel in a piece of the era that was and always will be.


One Response to “Sap trip”

  1. all or nothing October 21, 2011 at 6:09 AM #

    isn't it insane?? :DI just turn back into the daydreaming 17 year old. **SIGHHHH** MAJOR sap trip this is :) :)


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