Random words during class

12 Oct

No meter. No structure. Just words. That mean/meant something.
Written in class during some lecture.

Catharsis of sorts.
I need this as
frayed emotions lay tearing

A grain of trust lost,
unseen, unfelt, dead; non-existence
pushes every strand in the storm of
rewind and fast forward.

Snapped and tangled.

Desire to capture thoughts
shredded out into recollection’s nest
attached to wrong? Or right?

A clouded mesh dusty;
experience embedded burying footprints.

And I?
No pain. No hate. No feeling. No space.

The lone tear rippled, surfaced,
soothed and cooled the comatose heave.

Night’s muslin absorbs
a colourful black nothingness
of every cell’s being, memory, life
of my world’s hazy stillness.

And I wonder if this
catharsis of sorts

Someone said today that happiness is the best revenge.

– Babushka


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