More than just shooting stars

12 Oct

Magic isn’t a far fetched concept. It’s not outlandish or hard to find. It’s not invisible or impossible. It’s very real, possible and quite ubiquitous. According to me at least.
It’s not about finding things that could be potentially magical or about getting lost in the throes of wishful thinking. It’s about making the most of possibilities around you and watching in patient (and sometimes not so patient) wonder, waiting…waiting for that burst, that explosion that takes your breath away.

On a night like this with a myriad number of thoughts running through my mind, I’m taken back to one of the most magical times I’ve ever had. It was years back in school when quite a few of us snuggled into our sleeping bags on a friend’s terrace to fall asleep watching a meteor shower – or to more romantically put it – to lie down under a sky filled with shooting stars, to get lost in it and to fall asleep watching it. The phenomenon is something that blew me away and still does. I perhaps attribute much more meaning to it today than I did back then, which would’ve been just another curious and exciting science exploration we did. Imagine! What I would give to have that moment now!

But that’s just one slice of magic I’ve witnessed to talk about here. At this point in time, it’s not even about exotic scenarios or circumstances. It’s about finding that spark, that click, that moment which makes you take a step both back and forward and say woah! The one that brings in the tingles, the glitter, the sparks and the splendour of it all.

Perhaps a walk under a lazy drizzle, or holding someone’s hand or having my neck be the next spot my joojies discover to nibble or snuggle next to or getting an equation wrong only to realize how right it feels ultimately. I could go on because I believe in magic, in sparks, in moments and in memories. I live for them. I strive to make them happen. I’m the romantic I’ve always denied I am.

I think I’m just in love with life at this moment. A romantic infatuation magical kind of love. Of possibilities and optimism and learning. Of being and living and thriving. It’s all about the magic and more. More than shooting stars.

– 04/09/11


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