10 Apr
It sucks to be lonely, to not have anyone to get back to, to not have anyone. Period.

It sucks to be alone, to not have someone to irritate and get irritated back by, to not have someone to talk to or even argue with, to not have someone to share conversations with.

Companionship – something we all love and need and want and desire and cherish and fight for and crave for. Companionship – to know that you have someone. Just that. And that’s all it takes. 

I get that life has its own ways, that it has a time for everything. But there’s only so much and so long one can wait for. Beyond that, if life (or fate as some would like to call it) fails to deliver, everything seems to become lopsided and imbalanced. I never understood this need or this want for companionship and thought people to just be desperate. But today, I realize that we’re not meant to be alone. Whether we ultimately become “alone” is a choice we make. We’re not meant to be that way. I firmly believe so.

I thought our mind takes care of us as we grow up, that it rationalizes and helps us realize that our needs can be deferred for a bit, that we can hold on. But no, it just seems to get worse as we grow older. What I thought we could wait (almost endlessly) for – that perfect day when that perfect someone would walk by us and lead us into that perfect life is, well, just a few lucky people’s fate. As we grow up, the word perfect fits almost anyone who makes us feel what we want to feel. Out fly those dreams and desires. In comes crashing reality – and it fits. It just does. Which is why reality isn’t perfect, is it? We make do with each other, we fight, we compromise, we make up, we love, we give, we take, we scream, we laugh, we cry, we live. We never really wait for that perfect person or moment. We make what we have as perfect as can be. And that’s how we live. Because we cannot wait. Because what we need, we need now.

It matters to have someone to get back to; someone to text, call, talk to, meet, live with, love, read with, cook with, eat with and so on. And that surpasses the need to be with parents. It really most definitely does. You want your life, your space, your home and with your someone. 

Life sucks when there’s no someone. It really does. And there’s only so much one can be in denial about this. And I’m not even talking about those perfect charming people we dreamed of whenever we did.

Time, you old man, get moving.


4 Responses to “Companionship”

  1. - Ubiquitous - April 11, 2011 at 3:46 AM #

    :-)Let's all go for a movie! Soonly!

  2. Babushka April 11, 2011 at 6:29 AM #

    Sounds great! :)

  3. Veena April 11, 2011 at 7:32 PM #

    Wow. It has been ages since I visited your blog. Firstly, I *love* the background you've chosen. Its so journal-types. Secondly, I love that picture of Dhoni you've put up. Me also <3 him. Lastly, I can't have enough of your writing. This article is awesome. I almost makes me jealous of your expressive-ness. How you do it, I know not. But you've got the perfect blend and appreciate that muchly!! :) Write more. Soon.

  4. Babushka April 12, 2011 at 5:24 AM #

    Thankies! You write soon too!


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