Life goes on

22 Feb
The mind’s flippant – flipping through one thought after the other. On an overdrive mode minus any direction.

It’s going to be a year tomorrow since the Carlton tragedy took place. It’s funny how time flies…one moment you get a call saying that someone you know is no more and the next moment it’s a year past with you surfing channels only to see his photograph on the news in memory. It’s funny also how life has a way of reminding you of things you ought not to “forget” about. Funny indeed.

I’m not here to offer pity because I realize that no matter how deep down in the dumps we are, pity is the last thing we need. I’m not here to cry. I’m not here to go on about how I knew Akhil and how good a guy he was. 

I’m here to honour him in my thoughts and remembrances. I’m here to say that there’s hope. I’m here to acknowledge the fact that there is pain, deep rooted pain and hurt. I’m here to celebrate the spirit of people, who despite the pain and hurt, saw it through this year. I’m here to remember Akhil for all that he was, for all that I knew him to be. 

I’m here to understand that life’s not as mundane as we make it to be, that it isn’t as monotonous as we live it to be and that it isn’t as long as we believe it to be. And that it has NOTHING to do with age or the number of years one has stayed on for. I’m here to believe that life’s worth all the chances it throws at us. And that if we don’t make the most of those chances, we’re wronging those who left us – especially those who had plans and dreams and hopes of living their life only to have it all snatched away from them abruptly at the age it did. 23 isn’t a lot of years. Not when you had life’s carpet rolled out in front of you. 

I’m here to love, live, believe, try, understand, be humble, be thankful and grateful and know that for every day I live, there’s a moment or more I’m dedicating to those who couldn’t be with us today – to know that the carpet still lies where it’s supposed to. 

2 Responses to “Life goes on”

  1. - Ubiquitous - February 22, 2011 at 7:54 PM #

    :-)loved this.

  2. Veena February 23, 2011 at 9:13 AM #

    Touching :)


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