The countdown begins!

13 Feb
As thoughts walked past me, it suddenly dawned upon me that this is my last month at my current workplace. And my first reaction was “shit!”…
It astonishes me that I’ve worked at a place for a year, that I haven’t gotten bored, that I’ve loved every moment of it, that I’ve actually looked forward to work (minus the early mornings), that I’ve actually cared enough to leave so I can get better and get right back. 

Teaching. I’ve blogged about this before but I can’t seem to say enough. 
With the semester racing to finish and another academic year coming to a close, I cannot help but wonder how time flew by. What started off as an impulse turned out to be a full blown career that I could try my hand at in the long run.

With less than a month to go, I suddenly feel the urgency to hold on and stall time, to distract it from switching a new day on and letting me savour more time with those I cherish. Less than a month still means some time, but I’m not happy. I want a bit more time, I want a bargain I know I can’t have or haggle for. 

I’m a huge loyalist and stand strongly by those I associate with. I would hate to indulge in favouritism when it comes to students/classes but cannot deny the same. Teaching has taught me to deal with this challenge – that one class is just as awesome as the one you liked a bit more. I hate to admit it, but it is true at the risk of sounding diplomatic. I’ve taught all but one PG and all UG combinations at Christ and it’s been interesting…yes, that would be the word of choice. 

With the PGs, it was home turf. My immediate juniors, which was quite so weird, but amazing nonetheless. It was awesome to bridge the gap and connect with them – from being their senior to their teacher to their friend. It’s been rather challenging and awe-inspiring… 

With the UGs, I don’t know where to begin. I began with the JPengs, and man was it awesome! That is a class I will not forget. That was a class that made me believe in me. That was a class that made me take that extra effort. That was a class that gave me more than I could’ve asked for, especially as a beginner. I then went on to teach the PSEco, PSEng, JPEng and FEP students… and it’s been a bloody brilliant ride! Unforgettable.

I’ve had an overload of FEP this semester and when I was first handed their classes, I was shocked beyond belief for they’re the bunch teachers don’t usually wanna mess with. For a beginner, I wondered why I was handed the FEPs when I did so fine with the JPEngs! But I think that thought lasted only till the end of that meeting’s hour. 

FEPs need a special mention for all the right and wrong reasons! :P For all the nakhras, the randomness, the discipline “issues”, the “attitude” (or so people tell me)… I will however remember them not for the above but for the groovy times I’ve had with them. The number of times I’ve burst out laughing in class, the number of times I’ve had to throw some of them out, the number of times I’ve seen them chew gum quite obviously in class in front of my eyes and tried to ignore it for their and my sake, the number of times I’ve broken into a smile (or laugh) while scolding students of the graduating batch, the number of times we’ve had weird discussions in class, the number of times I’ve had to control my laughter when another teacher scolds them, the number of times I’ve got exactly what they’re saying cuz when it comes to FEP there’s immense loyalty…the list is never ending. Being a PyEC (FEP) student myself, it’s home turf again and man does it feel awesome! I try and keep the loyalty aside, but I’m human after all, and that aint gonna change! :)

It hits hard to know that there’s less than a month at work. That I won’t be back to teach either of these classes. That I’ve this month to meet people of various kinds, to interact with them, to listen to them, to talk to them, to scold them, to learn with them, to spazz out sometimes when they’re talking, to glare at them, to be there for them, to love them!

I hate byes. And this is gonna be the hardest bye ever. 

3 Responses to “The countdown begins!”

  1. Reynah February 13, 2011 at 7:14 PM #


  2. Babushka February 13, 2011 at 7:16 PM #

    :) thankies! hugs back

  3. Joe.d February 15, 2011 at 5:53 PM #

    oye !…dont tel me ur leavn college !! :(


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