4 Feb
There’s nothing more comforting than

– having a three day weekend with time to do exactly what you would like to do on a weekend – read, eat, laze, watch tv, watch movies, listen to music, dream, bake, waft from hour to hour in a drowsy but pleasant haze, meet friends, spend family time together, not go out so much, roam around the house in shorts and a tee without having to think about changing or dressing up, to exile alarms, to not have any work related stuff to do… ah sigh!

– knowing that you’re gonna head outta town even if it wasn’t so far outta town! 

– living in a house that you cleaned yourself!! The maid’s on these permanent short breaks that exceed her promised return which has left the house more dusty and dirty than can be  tolerated. So after sitting around watching our cook sweep (and not swab) the house for 2 days, I decided I could hold back no longer! Besides, I’d have to be ashamed of myself if I didn’t bother cleaning up considering I have a holiday today, unlike the other 2 days. So the house has been dusted, swept and swabbed and man does that feel so good! And what a workout it is to sweep and swab! So post the cleaning/workout ensued a hot bath which has been…well…due and well deserved! Such happiness!

– having a meal of khichdi, aloo matar curry, papad and boondi raita (one of my favouritest home food combos!) to wrap up this domestic work laden day! And stretching myself on the diwan and watching tv! And perhaps dozing off! :)

So as at 1:55pm this friday afternoon,  I have muted my alarm clock, woken up late, cleaned the joojies’ cages, baked a marble cake, cleaned the house, had a nice hot bath, dreamed on and off, felt the haze, made boondi raita, streamed movies to watch, loafed around me house in those shorts and tee waiting for the weekend to take me away on a happy trip – literally and otherwise! :)

Have a happy weekend yourself!

2 Responses to “”

  1. Reynah February 4, 2011 at 11:05 AM #

    Sigh. I wish I was at home now! :)

  2. Babushka February 4, 2011 at 11:55 AM #

    Me too!!! Come sometime! Cannot wait for tomorrow! :D


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