Talking about memories…

1 Feb
…these are what come to my first when I think of movies I first watched as a kid! I cannot express how much I love my parents for introducing me to the world of music, movies, books and dogs (and much more of course)!!! :) Ah sigh, I think this just made my day much better! :) Here they are!

I remember spending so so many afternoons couched in front of the tv watching this movie and laughing my heart out! One that definitely stands out. I don’t remember specifics anymore, which reminds me it’s time I watched this movie again! 

My first memory of watching this movie was over a family lunch of khichdi in front of the tv, wondering if all would be well; if Jai and Veeru would save poor Basanti and kill nasty Gabbar (my thoughts then!)…If all would truly be well. I don’t remember how I took the ending of the movie :P

I ADORE this movie. This movie made me believe that I there are “things” called animals whom I could love and be around! Yes, including Elsa, the lioness! :)

I have very vague memories of this movie. Barely any in fact. All I know is that I adored Capn’ Hook! :)

This is and always will be an evergreen favorite, come what may! It’s only now of course that I can bear with evil (Sher Khan primarily) and actually find him hot in a way! 
Robin Hood is another one that always had us in splits! Good triumphs over evil, happy-endings, love stories – it’s got it all! :)

And last but not the least, a huge collection of VHS cassettes we had on Charlie Chaplin’s silent films which played a groundbreaking role in my life at that point especially! 

Do share yours! :)


One Response to “Talking about memories…”

  1. Reynah February 1, 2011 at 4:47 PM #

    Super post! :)TV Series like Byomkesh Bakshi, Malgudi Days and many more come to mind now, reading this :)


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