20 Dec

Talking about firsts, as many have happened to me this year, I went for a choir concert yesterday. I’ve always wanted to go for midnight mass and engage in all the festivities that Christmas brings along with it but haven’t been able to for various reasons.

And so when I got the opportunity this time around, I made the most of it. It was a different experience altogether, and to usher in anything with music is the best approach ever! During the concert, the choir director, who was also the emcee of sorts, spoke about something that stayed back in my mind; something which is also the basis of this post.

As he aptly put it, we tend to overshadow much of our life with what didn’t happen and couldn’t be rather than what was and could be. And as he closed the ceremony, he asked us to simply count our blessings to realize that we’ve more than we could’ve possibly asked for. That is what stuck by in my mind while I made a mental note to get back home and count my blessings. It seemed tiresome already! I like this approach to life – I love feeling humble, thankful and grateful. Every penny counts in making an experience worth a million bucks! Call me senti if you may, but this is how I approach my life and I love it this way!

Family – thank you for being there and bearing with my quirks and madness. I love you mom and bro and there’s no better way to say this. Lots of love and peace.

Joojies – I’m madly in love with the 3 of you. Many squishy hugs and snuggles! And no, you’re still not allowed to pee on the sofa! Guinea-pig-teeth smileys! 

Friends – I lurve you for being crazy and keeping me crazy! I’m glad you’re the way you are because I wouldn’t have you any other way. Now get out the beer and food, quick!

Life, work, madness, I love you! 

I’ll see you around! 

Cheers till then!


2 Responses to “”

  1. all or nothing December 20, 2010 at 3:38 PM #

    Beer! Beer!oops… I meanthear! hear! :D :D

  2. Babushka December 20, 2010 at 5:53 PM #

    *chuckle* *chuckle*


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