Sunday Morning

19 Dec

And so as I lay snuggled in bed, under my big warm quilt, I welcomed Sunday with music. Music in my bed. Ooooh yeah! 

I’ve always known that I have a thing for musicians and I find it difficult to choose, or do I? I also always known that I’ve had a thing for drummers. Especially drummers. It takes me back to my college days – PU and UG, at MCC, where our time there culminated into our ever famous inter-collegiate annual fest called Cul-ah! And I remember how I used to spend those cold January/February mornings at the basketball court, couched in front of the stage on BOTH the days, from morning to night. One day saw Western Acoustic and the other day saw Western Electric with me immersed in whatever took place on stage barely moving my behind. I remember the harmonies (of which St. Josephs stands out in my head and they always won with Christ a close second!), the screeching with bands of boys walking around in black Korn tee shirts and baggy falling-off-their-butt jeans and of course, their signature hairstyles and facial hair, the nice college compositions, the favourites, the encores, the screams, the applause – I remember them all!

I cannot forget going hoarse-throated during those days, I cannot forget melting into puddles listening to solos and cute guys croon, and most of all, I cannot forget all the drummers and guitarists I drooled over back then!

2 incidents stand out starkly in my memory – one of a female judge performing her ass off for the audience after declaring the results and one of a trio – a flautist, guitarist and drummer jamming it up on stage which brought me to tears. I wish I had a recording of them. I so wish.

So yeah, it doesn’t take much to know that I have a thing for drummers especially. I don’t know why and I’m not bothered about finding out why either.

And as I lay snuggled in bed, I was taken back to those ‘good ol days’ and memories of drummers taking me to a different place on those cold wintry mornings under huge trees. Magical. :)

Here’s leaving you with a few tracks that woke me up today morning!

and then John Mayer appeared on my playlist.




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