2010 – III

12 Dec

Thanks to the insistence of my brother, this year saw an addition to our family with 2 guinea pigs – Cutlet and Fuzzy Lumpkins. After living pet-less for so long, we got ourselves to the pet store and emerged a bit later with 2 male guinea pigs. Or so we thought. All was well till Fuzzy started putting on weight drastically. What was once my brother’s wish to see his guinea pig nice and fat was fast turning into a scare. And that scare only emerged to be more frightful because Fuzzy turned out to be a female. So we figured that the two little ones had gotten to business, and pretty fast at that, for Fuzzy was quickly bloating. 

Anyway, after much fretting from the mother and many I-told-you-so moments later, Pickles and Poppins were born to Fuzzy and Cutlet. Of course, the ever sirely Cutlet was banished from his own cage while Fuzzy spent that alone time tending to her babies. It soon dawned on us that we would have to give the babies away, even if reluctantly so. However, a few days later, we lost Pickles as I saw her close her eyes in front of me. She was buried just next door in a white hanky and is at a better place. 

Given the turn of events, we decided against giving Poppins away for a lone guinea pig for a pet is a pretty cruel thing to do to the animal. After much research, it occurred to us to figure Poppins’s sex out because being the animals that they are, sexual maturation arrives at their doorstep within a month after birth. So after much awkward poking, prodding and peeping, much to the embarrassment of Poppins, we discovered him to be a male. 

So Poppins and Cutlet live together while Fuzzy lives next door to them in a separate cage. They are happy, naughty, cheerful and wonderful guinea pigs. Here are some glimpses of life with them.

Fuzzy (L) and Cutlet’s (R) first night at home
Cutlet relaxing
Fuzzy and Cutlet’s first stay over guest – Hoojoo
Cutlet watching me while I watch tv
Fuzzy and Cutlet’s family time
Fuzzy and her newborns
Fuzzy playing mom
Pickles (L) and Poppins (R) first night in the world
Poppins now, taking a stroll on my laptop
Father (L) and Son (R)

Having a pet is one thing. Making it a part of your family is another. And I couldn’t have asked for a better addition. Whilst a doggie is also on the list, I’m making do with these three as they’re a handful themselves. It’s amazing to see how much joy and love animals can bring about. It’s overwhelming to see how much love there really is. It’d been almost a decade and a half since we had a pet, and to get them now brought out a side of me I never thought I had. To care, to love, to give, to be protective, to feed, to nurture, to watch, the learn and so much more is what they brought out in me. I never knew I was capable of such love and I’m glad to see them bring it out of me. 

It’s crazy how I can spend hours watching them, playing with them, irritating them, watching tv with them. It’s awesome to see how they’ve grown and had babies of their own. I feel blessed to have them in my life. I don’t think a day goes by when I do not think about them and miss them. Traveling becomes hell not because they have no other place to stay but because I miss them so so much. I just cannot have enough of them and have blogged about them here and here as well.

They bring in lots of love, joy, peace and it’s a wonderful feeling to have them in my life. And this is a feeling that has no words, this is a feeling that is priceless.



2 Responses to “2010 – III”

  1. Reynah December 12, 2010 at 7:38 PM #

    LOVE this! :)

  2. Babushka December 13, 2010 at 1:56 PM #



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