2010 – I

6 Dec

This year seems to be the year of weddings. Friends, friends of friends and many more took the plunge, and very happily at that. From maddening plans to designing to attire consultations with each other to shopping to dressing up and to finally attending that dream wedding, 2010 has kick-started and revved the engines on this one!

It all began in the 1st week of January when a bunch of friends set off to attend what would be the 1st proper wedding I’ve ever been to. And a wedding being what a wedding is, featured immense amount of fussing over and shopping, getting decked up and partying, not to forget many memorable moments spent together! 

Here are glimpses into what was…

Of train spotting/waiting moments
Of girl time moments

Of dressing up moments

Of whiling away time waiting for the bride moments

Of bride moments

Of reception, food and wine moments

Of first dance moments

Of almost missing our train and eating melted ice cream from Ideal moments

Of madness moments

Of togetherness moments

 Moving on from one wedding at the beginning of the year to another one almost midyear was that of a classmate’s. I never thought our batch was ever “ready” to take the plunge when news of Ayesha’s wedding made its way to us. Of course attending a friend’s wedding is an occasion of immense joy and what doubles or triples the experience is the get-together of college friends it brings along. A few months later, an older friend of mine also chose to tie the knot and all I could think about was the sheer intensity with which weddings were taking place. Weddings and wedding fineries still do swim in front of my eyes because everyone seems to be heading that way! And it’s scary. In one way or the other. It just drives home the fact that our turn may perhaps just be around the corner. Eeeks. But we’ll leave that thought aside for a while and have a dehko at the next lot!

Wedding fineries
Our super gorgeous bride
Ayesha taking center stage
Friends and get-togethers

Girly-ness moments

Reunion moments

Respect for those who’ve taken the plunge. We’ve a thing or 2 to learn from you girls, courage being the first. I wish you all the love, joy, peace, naughtiness, fun and everything else you desire!

So yes, this year began with a wedding and will end with a wedding. And if that’s how 2011 is going to be, then spectacular is what I’d have to call it. For there’s nothing more joyous than watching friends getting married and being a part of that process. There’s nothing more heartwarming to see two people commit to something this huge. And there’s nothing more overwhelming than realizing that perhaps maybe, we’re not too far behind.

3 Responses to “2010 – I”

  1. debrupa December 6, 2010 at 5:52 PM #

    Wow!!! dats all i can say Babsy, especially the last para just made me go *sniff* only…:):)

  2. - Ubiquitous - December 6, 2010 at 6:48 PM #


  3. Babushka December 7, 2010 at 1:43 PM #

    :) yeah well… sniff moments these are!


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