Pesked out!!!

30 Nov

Disclaimer: to be read by those who believe in the capacity of imagination – in themselves and in others. Of course, they should be lovers and fanatics of imagination.


There is NOTHING more agonizing and pissing off than annoying neighbours who share a house with you in the same building. And I cannot wait to seek my revenge because yes, with loosers and cretins like them, revenge would just be the ultimate thing.

When they 1st moved in, there was a bit of excitement in the air because news had it that 2 dogs were coming along with them. But now, I will not be able to say who’s the dog and who’s the human. Seriously. To drive home my point on how truly annoying these people are, I shall elucidate this fact with a few instances.

A: They are FILTHY. They have old, torn and truly ancient chappals of all shapes and sizes, with holes of all shapes and sizes adoring their front door. Add dust and shit as well.

B: They are ATROCIOUS. They close all their windows at all times and choose to dry some clothes inside their house. Despite the fact that there is a huge terrace for them to share with us which provides sunshine and breeze free of cost to dry their laundry. Instead they have dirty kitchen towels gone black hanging in their kitchen, still being used. I’m pretty sure they wear wet underwear every day, if not unwashed underwear.

C: They are LUNATICS. They believe that their 150 year old rusted cycle will get stolen which is why it was kept in a pathway that blocked our way to go switch on the motor in case we ran out of water. Now they’ve put their cycle just in front of my brother’s bike and replaced the cycle’s former place with a row of big cactus plants. So, if ever we need to switch on the water motor, we have to walk outside our own house to switch on our own motor.

D: They are IMBECILES. Why? Because even though they hear water leaking from an overflowing tank upstairs, they REFUSE to switch the motor off. And then they have the balls to say “So much water has leaked” to which my maid said “We’re sorry we forgot. But if you heard the water leaking, couldn’t you have switched the motor off?” They now refuse to pay money for additional water ma calls for. There is no water as I type this post and they still haven’t switched on the motor. 

They crib, complain, act like idiots, are idiots and there can be nothing more agonizing than living with them on the ground floor.

2 daughters, a son and a grandma. 

I hope their potty overflows inside their own bedroom, I hope their boobs fall off, I hope their underarm hair gets knotted, I hope they grow bald, I hope a lizard falls on them, I hope their dogs bite them (and many times and hard!!), I hope someone steals that cycle, I hope someone eggs their house (and you know who’ll egg their house!), I hope they all fall in a ditch. And stay there. I hope I hope I hope… I hope they frikkin leave before the tyrant in me is unleashed. There’s only so much we can take!

I have never hoped for bad things to happen to people generally, but I really hope these people get what they deserve because they’re nothing short of a pile of shit living here! Big fat turds, the whole lot of them!

Human beings are an astonishing lot!


3 Responses to “Pesked out!!!”

  1. all or nothing November 30, 2010 at 3:42 PM #

    whoa! that's a lot of public cursing!!and some really bad ones :-ssI wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you!

  2. - Ubiquitous - December 1, 2010 at 5:54 PM #

    :O:O:Oi half wish they read this :Dthen again, :O

  3. Babushka December 2, 2010 at 1:46 PM #

    they deserve every bit of it and more… trust me


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