A bit of this and that

25 Nov

I like change and I don’t like it. I am a bit fuzzed up about opinions on change but I don’t care. It goes well with moody me.

I’ve been eating out a lot off late. But I’ve had to make up with what I eat when I eat out. And fortunately, I’ve discovered a few places that make it easy for me to eat out and eat good. 

Salads have started growing on me. And no, there’s no need to recoil in horror because the non-vegetarian in me is still alive and kicking. So a chicken salad it usually is. Add plates of steamed momos, bowls of leafy chicken noodle soup, crispy salads and it’s all good. 

I love that I can eat out minus worrying about the grease, colour and what not that outside food makes us worry about generally, if at all.

Happy times! :)



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