Elvis Aaron Presley

8 Nov

There’s not much I can say about this man simply because my words wouldn’t even do justice to what he means to me. 

I don’t need to talk about his life or biography or music or even the fact that he was ultimately THE King. And I won’t. Google does more than the needful. 

To me he surpassed just being the King of Rock ‘n Roll. In fact, all those details really don’t matter to me. I’m not what you would call his die-hard fan. I’m just a lover of his music and a piece of this mosaic. Nothing more. And nothing less.

Why I choose to mention him today, in this post, is because he encapsulates all my adolescent memories. Memories of hot, sticky summers in Calcutta which were spent entirely in his presence, be it morning, dusk or midnight. I was just remembering dusks spent on the tree house with us humming Hound Dog or Heartbreak Hotel or Jailhouse Rock or Welcome To My World or Can’t Help Falling In Love or Return To Sender or Suspicious Minds or The Girl Of My Best Friend or Always On My Mind or Are You Lonesome Tonight or Love Me Tender… I could go on and on and on. We even spent ages practicing and then eventually recording a karaoke version of In The Ghetto. Man did it feel good! :D And those were summers well spent.

Before I move on I need to mention how I got introduced to him. I owe it to my cousin sister entirely. Now she is a die-hard fan. She had all his cassettes back then in the 90s. She had the posters, the books, the heritage from her family, she had the faith, she had the love, she had the awe, she had the respect, she had it all. And more. And I think a tinge of it rubbed on to me. 

The King needs a special mention because I spent all those years listening to him with his songs keeping me company all the time. And he was there with me through all those raging emotions and states of mind a teen could possibly go through. And for that, I am happy. I love the baritone, the pout, the panache and the entire get up. I love his earlier days though…the rustic boyishness to him. 

Anyway, my teenage years onwards = Elvis Aaron Presley.

The King needs no special mention otherwise. 

Here’s leaving you with a few favorites

And finally…

Enjoy the King :)


5 Responses to “Elvis Aaron Presley”

  1. Adrian Ritesh November 8, 2010 at 5:15 PM #

    Without doubt. This is your best post till date. And you know why. There was this time when i was watching MJ's This is it in the theatre. There was a comment made which went something like this: "If music is the church then Michael Jackson is the pope". From nowhere came my voice with this reply. "Oh yeah? Then Elvis is their God". There can't be a better performer on stage than Elvis "THE KING" Aaron Presley. My definition of Elvis.. 3 words – HE IS GOD.ADRIAN RITESH D'LIMA

  2. Reynah November 9, 2010 at 6:23 AM #

    Ohhhh, now I know why the brother has commented! :D

  3. Babushka November 9, 2010 at 12:49 PM #

    Nice to see another die-hard fan, not that there's a dearth of any! :D :) to both of you!

  4. nimster November 14, 2010 at 6:43 AM #

    I love 'Always on my mind.' First time I heard that song, I teared up because of how much emotion is in every word.Is that weird? :-P

  5. Babushka November 14, 2010 at 10:11 AM #

    No way Lauw! That song is just something else. He had such feeling when he sang and his songs all exude that… even his song 'are you lonesome tonight' has so so much emotion in it! *sigh*


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