A lack of self-pride among other things…

9 Oct

“Delhi has been blighted by so many bizarre mishaps that incredulity has started to give way to ennui.” – The Australian newspaper in an article headlined ‘Games are running on empty’

“Empty stands, blocked lavatories, collapsing scoreboards, vomiting swimmers and striking officials, it’s been a shocking few days for CWG organizers” – The Daily Telegraph, London in its mocking series strap-lined “What’s wrong in Delhi today?”

“Commonwealth gaffes embarrass India” – Johannesburg daily, Mail and Guardian

“Commonwealth Games’ latest bug: Concerns pool making swimmers sick” – Toronto Star

“We should leave this toilet bowl and come home!”

“Yikes…And these clowns have nukes!.”

“The Delhi Games are barely being watched. So empty are the grandstands at most venues that the Indian government has written to the organising committee ordering it to throw the event open, free, to schoolchildren. Even those few Delhites willing to pay for tickets are being thwarted. If it’s not the lack of transport or overly zealous security deterring them from going to the Games (even house keys are being confiscated), it’s the fact that when they queue for tickets, the venue box offices aren’t working. This lack of enthusiasm is seeping through to every corner of the Commonwealth” – The Australian

“From a ‘toxic’ pool to empty stadiums and faulty boxing scales, the first week of the New Delhi Commonwealth Games has served up daily blunders that have deepened India’s embarrassment” – The Mail and Guardian

“We were treated like cattle. It was disgraceful,” says Australia’s chef de mission Steve Moneghetti, complaining about the opening ceremony.

“If you hold the Games in a cesspool, what do you expect?”

– Foreign media rip the C’wealth Games apart dated 9/10/10, Times News Network.

I’m at a loss for words.
More so because I’m seething with anger.
I don’t know if it’s at India or the rest of the world.

More about this later.


2 Responses to “A lack of self-pride among other things…”

  1. Reynah October 9, 2010 at 8:17 AM #

    “If you hold the Games in a cesspool, what do you expect?" – it is definitely them!!!

  2. all or nothing October 9, 2010 at 10:34 AM #

    :o :O :O X-(


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