25 Sep

It’s a time of weddings.
It’s a time of reliving old times.
It’s a time of meeting friends.
It’s a time of catching up with friends from wayyy back.
It’s a time of making things work.
It’s a time of figuring things, people and myself out.
It’s a time of just letting go.
It’s a time of classes giving me hell and saying they love me.
It’s a time of holding on.
It’s a time of disclosure.
It’s a time of closure.

These are varied and vibrant times. Getting dressed or being “dolled” up, meeting friends after ages, hanging out with new friends, building deep bonds, holding on to the ones who matter (like *really* *really* matter), taking long walks, reminiscing, guffawing, mulling…

These are indeed varied and vibrant times.

And here’s to more.



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