A free, painless stress buster…

6 Sep

from an older blog post. Something I unearthed while reading my old posts on my old blog. Here it goes…

My favorite is when-
I’m strolling under the expansive gaze of yellow and red flowering trees
The dimming sun keeping a watchful eye from the west peeping through the rustling of darkening leaves
The canvassed sky painted with a thousand rays
The stray dog sniffing his way by my side
The laughter of a freshly cracked joke
The smell of mouth watering, tongue tingling, steaming chaat wafting all around
The irritation at blaring horns that disturb your moment
The minutes that dragged at home now fly to join Time that was setting for the day
The uncertainty of how time passed and when i’ve to reach home
The happiness that a long path awaits my footsteps
The relief this moment in time brought me
The contentment I feel for time well spent
And the elation for the joy I feel.



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