22 Aug

I’ve been faced with so many situations where words elude me. Where I don’t know what to say. And sometimes I also say the wrong things at the wrong time, call it a lack of social skills if you may.

However, today, I’m not here to talk about how the ability to communicate is such a Herculean task sometimes. I’m here to talk about just the opposite. I’m sure we’ve all experienced moments in our life that surpassed any form of verbal or non-verbal communication. Moments that spoke just what we were feeling in sheer silence, minus eye-contact and all that body language jazz.

I love how language holds no bar. I love how words being the uber powerful tool they are, fail to deliver sometimes. I love how sometimes, just sometimes, the scheme of things don’t always fit in place. I love these uncertainties. Just sometimes.

And here’s one such time. Fuzzy is unwell and it’s been extremely challenging to watch her. It’s difficult to watch someone you love to bits in pain, it’s heart-wrenching. It tears me to not know how better to relieve her off her pain or understand exactly what she’s going through. But we’re both trying to understand each other. And this is how.

I love how she communicates to me in her own way. And through all that pain, it’s heartwarming to see how we can talk to each other – how she comes closer to me and snuggles into my neck, how she nibbles my hand when I examine her paw, how she licks my finger and sleeps against it, how she tucks her nose into my shirt, how she looks at me even for those brief moments. How such a small animal like her can tell me that her paw hurts, that she cannot move, that she’s trying even though she hobbles around.

I hope she knows we’re there for her, that I’m trying my best to make her feel ok, if not better. Something tells me she knows. And something tells me she’s grateful for having us.

Communicating. In our way, in our style, in our language surpasses all the words I know or will ever know. And I’m grateful for that.

I love you Fuzz. I love you more than I think I know.

Get well soon baby.


One Response to “Communicating”

  1. Reynah August 22, 2010 at 7:27 PM #

    awww :(hope she gets better really soon! :(


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