Aunty Saher

21 Jul

Today I happened to come across a piece of news that I don’t know how to digest. Aunty Saher passed away on the 18th of July, 2010.

There are a few things I do not talk about to all and sundry and one of those things is my childhood. And Aunty Saher was a part of my childhood. She was my play-school teacher. She was the 1st person who came to be my “formal teacher”, the 1st person who laid a path for the rest who walked on it.

I do not have any memories of her or the time I spent with her. But I have heard plenty and more about her – about the charm she brought about, the fastidious way in which she managed us all and last but not the least, about the wonderful person she was. I do not want to pretend like I have a lot to say about her or that I knew her, if at all.

All I am going to however use this space to say is that I am grateful for having her in my life. I am sure without a doubt that she has contributed to making me who I am today. And with that I hope she is at a better place, looking over all of us with nothing but pride.

R.I.P Aunty Saher.


One Response to “Aunty Saher”

  1. - Ubiquitous - July 23, 2010 at 4:08 AM #

    May her soul RIP.


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